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Neev Pathar are Architects in Chandigarh. We have been in business from the last 10 years. Chandigarh is the first planned city and its architecture amazes us even today. It is well built and every sector is similar in size and has that natural touch to it. We aim at providing a similar architecture to our customers. It is not about the trend always, sometimes we have to consider the direction and usability of the design too. For example, people love architecture of other countries and want the same design for their space. It is not always recommended as we have to take in consideration the climate of area too. 

We are the Best Architects in Chandigarh. Our aim is to provide well designed homes and building that has abundant natural light and ventilation. With good light and ventilation comes a lot of positive energy. This is our main mantra and we are keen on improving everyday & incorporating modern trends. Lets create spaces that leave a little less carbon footprint and lower our energy needs.

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After the structure in complete, now its time to put the soul in the house. This comes with the Interior Design Services. We are one of the Best Interior Designers in Chandigarh. Our designers are well qualified and has an abundant knowledge of today’s trends. The first step is the discussion of client’s budget. We design the space according to client’s budget. So that everything looks as planned. Our designs are elegant and classy and you would love to stay in places we designed. From colours to material, we handle it all. Explore our designs on our website. Call us and find out more.

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