Interior Designers in Ludhiana

Interior Designers in Ludhiana.

We are an Architectural & Interior Design Studio based in Ludhiana, Punjab

Interior Designers in Ludhiana, Punjab.


Neev Pathar is a design firm based in Ludhiana. We are the best Interior Designers in Ludhiana. Over the years we have been successful at delivering some of the best and prominent architectural designs in the city. We can make your small space look big and you big space well managed, it is all in the art. We are a team of most famous Interior Designers in Ludhiana, Punjab.  Architecture for us is not limited to its face value but is a way of life that we offer to our clients. We are the top Interior Designers in Ludhiana. We create spaces that you would love to stay in and be a part of, by providing site responsive designs and incorporating the ancient science of Vastu Shastra. Our services include architectural design, interior design, redesign and renovation, exterior design and vastu consultancy. We deliver “Design-build” projects that include both design and construction. We also offer ready to sell/occupy “turn key” projects. If you need to renovate or reconstruct your space, you need a leading interior designers in Ludhiana like Neev Pathar Architects & Interiors.


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