The Future of Sustainable Architecture in India

The future of sustainable architecture lies in India, where a massive 70 percent of the building stock is still unbuilt. The country’s population is rapidly increasing, and the current urbanization rate of 30 percent is expected to double in the next 30 years. Buildings are notorious for their high emissions – they produce 30-40 percent of global emissions. The country …

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Top 6 Ways to Make Your Small Space Look Bigger

Top 6 Ways to Make Your Small Space Look Bigger Everyone wants to enjoy a big, spacious and luxurious space. But sometimes we feel the need to open up our cozy and small spaces. It is not that hard and with simple tips & tricks you can open up your room. Below are some simple tips to make your small …

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Sensitizing Architecture

The association of humans with architecture can be dated back to around 10,000 BC, with the beginning of Neolithic Age when people decided to move out of caves and ignited the idea of a permanent dwelling. Thereafter, different styles of architecture have evolved over the centuries from ziggurats and pyramids of Egypt to the massive floating domes in Rome. Architecture …

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